‘ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove’ Feels Like Old Dusty Sega; Why That's a Good News


"ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove" is coming to Nintendo Switch. Gamers who went to PAX East over the weekend got the first chance to test the demo of the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the 25 year old game. Word is, it's a loving reboot of original, which is what its fans and non-fans admired about.

"ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove" is the fourth installment of the series, Polygon reported. According to those who had a chance to get their hands on the game, playing "Back in the Groove" is likened to boosting up an old game, except that it has much improved graphics. The reason for that is its developers went back to the roots of the game, and it will pay off.

"ToeJam & Earl" lost its way since it was launched in 1992. It stayed off the course of isometric exploration that hooked up a lot of people. That's why this time the game's developers made sure "Back in the Groove" will hook as many people as the first "ToeJam & Earl" did, or even more.

"Back in the Groove" has nine playable characters, which, as Nintendo Wire reported, includes Earl's mom. Each character, of course, will be possessing different statistics for speed, health, and the gamer's character choosing will affect the game's outcome. Like the first game, "Back in the Groove" on Nintendo Switch contains generated worlds that make up all 25 levels.

It's been reported that "Back in the Groove" will have so many Easter Eggs that players' heads will be spinning. Beginners' wouldn't have any problem as the game features an intro mode. For experienced players who've been with the installment since the beginning and know the waterworks, there's an experienced mode.

The developers are really looking to make "Back in the Groove" as hit like its first predecessor. They too are looking to create new fans of the franchise by introducing the game to Nintendo Switch, as well as to Linux, Windows PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One.

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