Google Job Listings Seeking For New Hardware Related Positions [VIDEO]


Last year, Google launched their first virtual reality hardware product, the Daydream View headset. This year recent job postings suggest that Google is working on a new significant AR/VR hardware.

The company was looking for a number of new hardware related positions that included an Electrical Engineer for the company's AR/VR team. Preferably those who had experience supporting high-volume overseas manufacturing builds were encouraged to apply.

Last month, there were a number of job listings and a half point to continued ramping up of an internal team to support new hardware initiatives. Previous job listings were focused on engineering works, but the latest job listings is focused on consumer device.

The company began to look for Technical Lead Product Design Engineer and a Hardware Validation Manager for their AR/VR initiatives who can define new architectures for virtual reality products. As well as collaborate with other teams and travel overseas to manufacturing facilities.

The company is also looking for someone who can develop and manage a team for overall hardware system validation and quality optimization of their Wearable and Virtual/Augmented Reality hardware products. Preferably those who can work with engineers and contract manufacturer on product transition to mass production and as well assist product sustaining efforts.

According to The Road To VR, the company may be developing an "all-in-one" VR headset, which has been rumored to be in the works for some time now. An all-in-one headset would have everything necessary, including computing hardware and battery banks. This type of device would likely employ inside-out positional tracking.

It can also have several major advantages over the Daydream View headset. Aside from an all-in-one VR headset, the new device might be closer to a smartphone shell except with more substantial on-board hardware with additional sensors.

Another guess would be the next generation of Google Glass. Whatever Google is working on, it's clear that the company's talent in AR/VR hardware has been expanding rapidly.

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