Apple Sold Refurbished 2016 MacBook Pro; What it could Mean in the Future


Apple recently added their no Touch Bar, 2 USB-C port 2016 MacBook Pro to the list of refurbished products in its online store. And it got sold out quick like got cakes. The fact that Apple added 2016 products to that list only means more newer products will be included in their refurbished store soon.

Just after a few hours after its inclusion in the list, the 2016 MacBook Pro model got sold out from the refurbished product list in the company's online store, Mashable reported. The MacBook Pro that has no Touch Bar and only two USB-C ports sells for $1,499. Those that were sold in the list of refurbished products were sold with a 12 to 16 percent discount.

People are now expecting that more new products from Apple will soon be included in the list. Apple sells its refurbished products with a 1-year warranty. According to Apple, the store might be limited, but their promised to update the list frequently.

Apple is offering the space gray and silver models, 9 To 5 Mac reported. The models have 16 of RAM, an Intel Core i7 2.4Ghz processor. The Apple online store refurbished product list emphasized in their description that its supplies are limited.

Apple also placed in its refurbished list description the fact that the products have a 14-day return window. The list is quality products with competitive prices. The list in the Apple Store is a rigorous refurbishment process before the products are sold.

Fans shouldn't expect the products to stay too long in the list since refurbished products from Apple vary widely. There's no way to tell whether Apple has plenty of supplies for certain products in the refurbished list or not. There are other sites that offer the same lower price, but it is always better to buy directly from Apple via its refurbished list in its online store.


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