Google Fortunetelling Falsely Labeled; Doesn't Tell Future At All


Google Fortunetelling is an avenue that Google is using for something rather important than telling your fortune. If you're expecting it to tell you about wealth, love, long life, you're in the wrong search engine. Google is actually using its power to create a segment for its search engine that educated people about the refugee crisis.

Google Fortunetelling is a catchy name that will surely invite people in. The fact that it's from Google, it's hard to think that it's a hoax. Anything from Google is actually trustworthy, so naturally people have clicked and started typing on the search engine.

But instead of knowing the answer to your fortune queries, you will immediately notice that questions like "Will humans ever stop fighting war?" will automatically type in by some invisible hand. Google will take over and will lead you to a page that says, "Of course we can't predict your future!"

The page also goes on saying that 60 million refugees are asking themselves on a daily basis if whether or not they have a future at all, Entrepreneur reported. Talk about a real party pooper.

The page is somewhat a help page where Google educates visitor about the refugee crisis. It features images and videos of refugees as well as some suggestions from Google about local initiatives or how you can donate to one of the existing charities that support refugees.

It's basically a scam from Google. They used a fake Google-site to draw people and inform them about the recurring refugee crisis in Europe. Google said the world needs a structural solution on a political level.

Google is asking people to donate time, money, and love. They're also asking the visitors of the site to spread the word by sharing their education to Facebook and Twitter. This Google effort has gone viral, The Sun UK reported.

Google Fortunetelling is not an official Google product. This propaganda is owned by a Netherlands based communications company.

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