College Romance Make Student Wear Girlfriend’s Shoes So She Can Attend Class


A college student was applauded by people who witnessed a very sweet gesture he made just so his girlfriend could attend her Chemistry laboratory class. Mark Cadiz wore his girlfriend's sandals and saved the day by giving her his closed-toe shoes for the class.

Cadiz attends the same college with his girlfriend Vanessa at the University of Hawaii. On one occasion, Vanessa forgot she needed to wear closed shoes for her chem lab and wore a pair of tan sandals instead, reported. So what Cadiz did was to take off his shoes and offered them for his girlfriend to use just so she could make it to her class.

Vanessa shared the story and said that the moment she realized she was not wearing the proper attire, his boyfriend insisted that she use his shoes, instead of going back home. She said that she had no choice because her professor was very particular with dress code. She also added that Cadiz does a lot of things for her, like being the one to carry her backpack and laptop or walking across the campus to print their homework, according to Buzzfeed.

Cadiz just preferred to make fun of the situation, took a photo of his feet and tweeted it using the caption "my feet looks good on her sandals. His post became viral online and people started calling him the best boyfriend ever.

Vanessa and Mark have known each other for quite a long time already. They have been best friends since they were in middle school and started dating just last year. Vanessa also shared that instead of being romantic, their relationship is rather weird and goofy. Just a good thing Mark was able to fit into Vanessa's shoes, and he was even very proud of it.

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