‘Steven Universe’ RPG Finally Heads to PS4; Newcomers will Love It Too


"Steven Universe" is finally heading its way to the PlayStation 4 console with an RPG called "Save the Light." This is the first time ever that the Cartoon Network original, now "Steven Universe: Save the Light" will head out to consoles for fans to really have fun playing with. The best news is it's written to give newcomers a chance to love it as much as fans do.

It was in 2015 when Cartoon Network and GrumpyFace Studios created a mobile game called "Steven Universe: Attack the Light," Kotaku reported, and it was a massive hit. Now they're back again with "Steven Universe: Save the Light."

Its prequel "Attack the Light" had Steven playing minor tasks such as doling out power-ups or items while the rest of the femme fatale crystal gems squad handled the enemies or block incoming attacks. This time around Steven will be playing a bigger role.

According to reports, Steven will play a more active role in "Save the Light" and he will be joined by the crystal gems - Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, as well as side characters Greg Universe and Connie. One of the Cartoon Network show creators also contributed to the original story of "Steven Adventure: Save the Light."

GrumpyFace Studios designed the game so that even the newcomers will be pleased. It's a moving and very musical cartoon with a mobile game prequel that even the non-fans were very impressed about, Polygon reported.

"Steven Adventure: Save the Light" will also feature an updated battle system. It features real-time and turn-based combat elements, which focuses a lot on puzzle solving and 3D world exploration.

The gameplay of the very cute and very stylish Cartoon Network RPG will make a debut this week at PAX East. Reports have it that it will roll out for PS4 later this year, meaning there's no specific date as to when that is.

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