‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ Unlocks Trophy for Ryder's Sex Exploits


"Mass Effect Andromeda" offers a full list of trophies and achievements not just for fighters but for polygamous lovers as well. The developers of the game, BioWare, have been criticized for turning the video game into porn but fans loved it nonetheless. For that, Biohazard will give out trophy/achievement if Scott Ryder gets to sleep around with three other characters from the game.

"Mass Effect Andromeda" now lets players unlock a seduction trophy from an achievement called "matchmaker". The game has plenty of achievements for players to unlock but the matchmaker is really a stand out, Nerd Much reported. For players to unlock it, they will have to romance three people across all playthroughs.

That's three playthroughs, meaning to say, players cannot expect to have threesome to unlock the achievement. And if players want to be adventurous about it, "Mass Effect Andromeda" allows having one night stands. If players successfully romance their way into some of the female characters in the game three times, then the trophy is theirs to brag about.

BioWare suggested that the seduction trophy is a natural approach towards relationships, Euro Gamer reported. Some want monogamous long-term relationships. Others just wanted flings. While some get adrenaline rush for starting an affair.

BioWare has a commitment of providing a game that is strong in mature content and that's what "Mass Effect Andromeda" will be about. It will be filled with strong characters, great gameplay, sex scenes, and more. Hardcore "Mass Effect Andromeda" fans are down with these too.

Fans believed that "Mass Effect Andromeda" is going in the right direction. BioWare was keen to focus on the mature content narrative of "Mass Effect Andromeda" and fans worldwide are delighted. Its prequel has a one minute sex scene and fans are hoping that in this game they'll be able to see longer action than just a minute.

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