Nintendo Will Soon Have Netflix on Switch; Why it Wouldn't be a Game-Changer


Nintendo is pretty serious about getting movie-streaming services like Netlix on Switch. While it's unclear why the newly launched Nintendo Switch didn't host apps like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon on the device; one thing's for sure: it wouldn't be much of a game changer. In fact, some tech gurus believe it's a huge waste of time and money.

Nintendo is in the process of talking to video-streaming companies to support and be part of Switch, Polygon reported. Nintendo announced in January that companies like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix is considered an update for the Switch. Now Nintendo is saying it will come in time, providing little detail as to exactly when that would be.

Nintendo further admits that this move is not exactly a "differentiator" for the console. It will not provide an edge over its competitors. Nintendo admits that what they need to do right now is to focus on what their consumers can play and the way they play on the Switch. If that's the case then a lot of tech gurus will agree with them.

Video apps like Netflix on Switch is a huge waste of Nintendo's money, Tech Hive reported. Switch still has plenty of room for development such as the unavailable classic games in virtual console, incomplete in-game rewards program, unavailable in-game video capturing and sharing, and more. Moreover the list for playable content on Switch is pretty short and it would be better for Nintendo to focus on these essential developments first than jumping their guns on video apps like Netflix.

Tech gurus believe that Nintendo should focus on its strength first: gaming. Other devices already have video apps so it really wouldn't give the Switch a marketing edge. Plus, it will only add frustration to the core product.

If Nintendo will remain pure to its intention, which is to provide the world with a classy gaming device, which will provide an awesome gaming experience, they best steer off video apps like Netflix on Switch.

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