Flippy Robot Lands a Job; Providing Flipping Burger Services Without a Smile


A burger-flipping robot, called Flippy, reported for its first day of job flipping burgers in a California restaurant. Flippy is an AI kitchen assistant that can do two things: flip burgers and put them on a pan. This picture proves that AI-powered technologies will soon be taking over ordinary jobs in the future.

A breakthrough has been made by Miso Robotics and CaliBurger restaurant together when they let Flippy the burger flipping robot report to its job today providing usual burger flipping service without a smile, Flippy proves that cooking burgers and similar jobs like it may no longer be a human job in the near future, Fox News reported.

Not only does it flip burgers it also uses sensors, cameras, and deep learning system to locate essential burger cooking ingredients in the kitchen, Engadget reported. Flippy can also track and cooking time and cooking temperature of patties and when the patties are cooked, Flippy the robot will alert the cook just like a good kitchen assistant does.

David Zito, the Miso robotics CEO, said that their company learns from the experience and evolve from it. They're looking at developing robots that can do other kitchen tasks like cutting vegetables, plating, or even cooking chicken. Flippy stands out from other robotics or automated technologies at other fast food chains like Wendy's or McDonald's because it's designed to work perfectly well alongside human staff.

Flippy is still in its probationary period in Pasadena California but once that's over, CaliBurger patrons from over 50 branches can expect that their yummy burgers were helped prepared by an AI. When that happens, more of the human staff are expected to be frontliners while some will be trained to operate their new kitchen assistant.

According to Zito, they will focus their attention more on solving the high pain points that restaurants like CaliBurger face, which is the dull and dirty work around the grill. The idea behind Flippy is to improve the restaurant's safety and food quality without major restaurant redesign.

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