Massachusetts Institute of Technology Reports Three Medicine-Related Breakthrough [Video]


Massachusetts Institute of Technology reported three major breakthroughs related to medicine. They were dubbed as medical miracles These technologies can make the paralyzed walk, make the blind see and discovery of new drugs for all types of diseases.

The first was a technology that could reverse paralysis caused by severe damage of the spinal cord. Movement is controlled by the brain. Electrical stimulators are wirelessly connected to the brain. Once the brain think about moving, the message is sent to the limbs, making them move. Successful testing with animal and human subjects had been done. Those suffering from paralysis would be able to benefit from this breakthrough after a few years, according to P&T community

This showed that the brain could be electronically controlled so that its thoughts would be put to action again. The device implanted into the brain was called "neurocomm".

The next technological breakthrough listed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology was the Gene Therapy. Most diseases were caused by defective cells in the tissue or organ. Gene therapy will help solve the problem. A healthy virus was used to design and construct a gene to replace defective ones. Recent developments brought success to several tests. Today, scientists are preparing gene therapies for more than 50 diseases, according to FiercePharma. Soon, manufactured gene would be available in the market.

The third breakthrough mentioned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology would be the construction of a cell atlas. Scientists from all over the world were commissioned to help make a map of the human cells in the body. The map would tell how the different cells in the body work together to form tissues, organs and the different systems in the body. The map would show how changes on the different cells could affect the body. Drugs that targeted the abnormal cell could be developed. With this breakthrough, treating cancer could be most likely possible, according to Human Cell Atlas.

With these breakthroughs, mankind could look forward to having cures for all types of health issues. Diseases considered incurable would be easily treated.

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