Here’s How To Solve 6 Common Android Issues Using These Apps

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One of the largest existing operating system handled by most phones today might be under the Android's helm. However, Google's operating system is not deemed to be perfect as users often encounter several issues like slow processing time, low internal storage, and battery drain among others.

Though they may be general issues, finding the right remedy could be a struggle. So to put everything in perspective, Economic Times offers users the practical ways of solving common Android issues.

First on the list is "unable to connect to a pc" problem. Specifically, the phone does not appear as an external drive on the PC. To solve this problem, users should get the free Airdroid app. It lets users connect to a PC over WiFi for transferring data, managing apps, viewing notifications, and also responding to calls and messages. As an added feature, the Airdroid app even mirrors a smartphone on to a PC.

One of the scenarios that most mobile phone users try to avoid (and hate at the same time) is a slowing phone. However, dealing with this episode could be simple through installing a cleaner app like the Clean Master. For an automated option, users could try the free Swift Locker, which boosts the phone automatically every time unlocking time.

Another common issue is the random battery drain on smartphones. Some specific reasons are pointed on background apps, poor connectivity, widgets, screen brightness level among others. If users are not fond of battery optimization modes on their phones, they can try the free DU battery saver app or Battery Doctor app for smart charging and intelligent battery optimization.

Although most smartphones today offer large internal storages, users can still find themselves moving data from internal storage to their respective microSD cards. But for delivering apps on microSD cards, users could try App2SD application. For devices with non-expandable storage, you can also use the App2SD app to freeze or uninstall apps that are not being used.

The in-house image gallery on phones also occasionally slows down especially on viewing full-size images. A simple trick could be installing the QuickPicgallery app, in order to let users view images as a stack, grid, list or large thumbnails. Another app, Gallery Doctor, identifies unwanted and duplicated photos and videos by scanning devices and lets users remove unwanted media easily.

Bulk data on internal storage could be stressful to find for many users. But using the free app called "DiskUsage," users can now scan their device and spot a visual block-based folder structure that consumes large space on the disk.

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