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If You Are True Pet Lovers, Schedule Regular Medical Checkups For Your Pets [VIDEO]


Do you consider yourselves "true" pet lovers?

Being a true pet lover is not just limited to providing a loving home for your furry best friend. Being a true pet lover is not just about providing physical support, but also mental and emotional support for your pet. On the other hand, your pet needs to be fit and healthy in order to provide the kind of support he/she is meant to give you as his/her ultimate best friend. Thus, it's always stressed that pets require medical checkups regularly and not just when their health conditions worsen. Additionally, having a pet insurance plan (check out Bivvy) can also alleviate any potentially large vet bills when they arise. 

Unfortunately, this fact is still taken for granted by most pet owners. According to the PRNewswire, US-based pet insurance provider Nationwide has recently announced last year's top medical conditions of well-loved pets such as dogs and cats that usually prompt owners to schedule a medical checkup. Thing is, most of these conditions (such as that of ear infections and skin allergies) are not life-threatening. Left undealt with, however, is another story.

Now, here's a lesson we can get from this: don't commit mistakes some pet owners have already done. As reported on the WebMD, some of these mistakes include not minding if there are fleas or ticks on your pet, not bothering to deworm your pet, not spaying your pet, and of course - only taking your pet for a medical checkup when his/her health condition worsen.

If you are true pet lovers, schedule regular medical checkups for your pets - not later, not tomorrow, but right now. Always remember, your pet is only here in this world for a limited amount of time. The least you can do, the least WE can do, as their pet owners, is to make their lives worthwhile and full of happiness - with us by their side, no matter what.

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