NVIDIA Jetson TX2 Launched For Drones, Robots; Makes AI Computing Possible


NVIDIA unveiled its new Jetson TX2, the credit-card size system that brings AI computing to a whole new level. This new platform is for robots, drones, smart cameras, and other technologies in AI cities. This technology, which is created specifically for "edge computing," has speech, image, and navigation capabilities.

The NVIDIA TX2 has performance twice as good as the TX1, Tech Crunch reported. It also has the capability of redirecting efficiency to power savings as it uses less than 7.5 watts of power. It runs on Pascal-based GPU with two 64-bit NVIDIA quad-core ARM chips and 8GB worth of RAM, as well as 32GB fast flash storage on board.

It also has built-in 802.11 ac Wi-Fi networking, 1GB Ethernet , and Bluetooth connectivity. It pushes edge network computing farther, which means it can run distributed neural networks on edge devices allowing it to identify objects more accurately. Besides accuracy, it results to smarter devices and faster response time for speech recognition, navigation, and image classification.

NVIDIA Tegra business VP and general manager Deepu Talla said that the new Jetson TX2 brings powerful AI to the edge, NVIDIA News reported. These smarter devices brought by the TX2 allow more intelligent video analytics that makes cities smarter and safer. This new platform also allows for more impressive robots that can optimize manufacturing and improves long-distance work.

The new Jetson TX2 is the latest addition to NVIDIA's Jetson TX1 and TK1 embedded computing line up. Anyone can access the Jetson and develop futuristic AI products at the edge. Students, researchers, startups, and other businesses can take advantage of this technological advancement wonder.

The Partner Support NIVIDIA Jetson lets Cisco add AI features to its Cisco Spark line up. This allows Cisco to transcend virtual spaces and physical spaces. This new platform could encourage young students to become inventors and innovators.

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