2017 Land Rover Discovery: Hardcore Tech for Regular and Pro Drivers


The Land Rover Discovery is back - this time revamped from skid plates to sunfroof, and skeleton to skin. The best technology that the company has in hand was crammed inside and finished off with a brand new look that is the 2017 Land Rover Discovery. The reviews are in and it's mixed with why Americans need it and why they wouldn't.

The 2017 Land Rover Discovery is packed with technology that can be categorized into two segments, Tech Crunch reported, which are what people will use all the time and what nobody will use ever. For starters, drivers can unlock an Activity Key with a wristband. What people will not use though is its All-Terrain Progress Control, which gives drivers a capability to navigate really difficult terrain at 3MPH.

The usable tech includes an InControlTouch Pro, an infotainment system with a 10-inch screen that's super easy and quick to access. The 2017 Land Rover discovery also has an improved navigation system, which allows drivers to navigate door-to-door routing and directions pointed out straight from your smartphone.

Moreover, there's a smart Commute Mode technology, which is like a Facebook algo that learns your preferences; only that the Commute Mode for your Discovery learns the quickest routes to your usual destinations. It can even suggest routes that will avoid traffic or accidents. If you believe you need your friends or family members or whoever to know your ETA, the Commute Mode will allow you to send messages.

But aside from these fancy features which everyday normal driver will find very useful, the 2017 Land Rover Discovery also houses a technology reserved only for the pros. It has ATPC, which is like an autopilot mode except that it's not because you will still have to steer while it takes over the braking and engine functions. Drivers can activate this while maneuvering on very difficult terrains.

For regular drivers however, only a few will every try Land Rover's 4x4 capabilities, Slash Gear reported. It can truly flex its muscles on deep, sandy trails, or sheer rock faces. Regular drivers wouldn't dream of putting these muscles to test especially after the fact that it's a Land Rover.

Nevertheless, it's still a best buy for a family of seven. What's more is it is $50,000 less expensive than its known competitions.

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