1080p vs. 4K Gaming: A Comprehensive Guide Before Buying Hardware


The gaming industry is slowly making a transition towards ultra-HD resolution. The standard at the present is 1920 x 1080. But 4K gaming is slowly becoming accessible, which only means that there are plenty of things a PC gamer must consider.

The reason for the consideration is the fact that frame rates and gameplay performance are going to be affected once gamers decide to switch to 4K display. Not only that, 4K, being the latest and highest form of resolution in the gaming industry, is not exactly cheap, Tom's Guide reported. That's why before deciding on which 4K hardware to buy or whether it's a good idea to switch to 4K at all, here's a comprehensive guide.

4K has a pixel count that is twice 1080p, which means its pixel count is 3840 x 2160 as compared to 1920 x 1080. It's important to know that not all games support 4K resolution That means before you can enjoy the ultra HD content, you may need an upgrade for your graphics card.

Moreover, 1080p hardware costs cheaper than 4K hardware. The only reason why a gamer would want to upgrade to 4K setup is that he or she will enjoy gaming images that are two times sharper than 1080p setups. Although the gaming market is expected to expand to accommodate 4K, the truth is, it's not yet there.

But "Mass Effect: Andromeda" on PS 4 Pro was designed to accommodate resolutions higher than 1080p, Gear Nuke reported. The game's rendering on 4K display generated impressive HD images of the game. If the developers of "Mass Effect: Andromeda" were able to do it, other game developers will obviously follow suit.

A 4K monitor might no bet a bad idea for those who have deeper pockets. If you're one of those who really crave for it but are looking for a budget friendly price, you might want to consider a Samsung 28-inch monitor, which is now $150 cheaper than its original price.

However, any PC monitor bought over the past decade supports 1080p and it's still the standard HD that most PC games support. This is perhaps the best reason why gamers should stick with the 1080p rather than jumping to 4K. Other than that, both 4K display and 1080p display have the same aspect ratio of 16:9.

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