'Overwatch's' Orisa to Stay Longer on PTR Because of Issues; Fans Need to Wait More


The most-awaited "Overwatch" hero, Orisa, will have to remain that, most-awaited, as it was announced that her stay in the PTS will be extended. Nevertheless, Blizzard has teased fans about the possible release date for the new "Overwatch" hero on PS4 and Xbox One.

When "Overwatch" announced last week that there will be a new character to join the hero ranks, fans can hardly wait. Orisa shows potential of being a serious as hell tank and those who have the privilege to use her on the Private Test Servers absolutely loved her, and made sure the whole world knew about it.

But Jeff Kaplan, "Overwatch" game director releases an apology to eager fans saying Orisa's extended period in the PTS is for the better. Kaplan acknowledged the eagerness of fans and promised she will be joining the hero ranks very soon.

Exactly how soon it is is vague. Kaplan only said she will be launched on windows PC and PlayStation later this month and not earlier as previously announced. This was a response to a long thread of comments from expecting fans regarding Orisas' console debut, Polygon reported.

Sombra and Ana, the previous new heroes for "Overwatch" were released only a week after they hit PTS realm. But Orisa seems to be a special case. Blizzard continues to tinker the new hero, which means the developers are still looking for the best fit for the new "Overwatch" hero.

Fans were hoping to get their hands on Orisa this coming weekend, after the PAX East convention, Express UK reported. But it would seem like hopes are dashed with a cold splash of water straight from Kaplan's announcement. Other than the actual release date, fans are wondering if Orisa will head out to the Xbox One first or PlayStation 4 or vice versa.

Orisa is the sixth tank and the 24th "Overwatch" hero to join the line-up. She was designed to make a stand with her entire team. According to Orisa's official description, her engineering is a barrier that will provide protection for her allies during an offence.

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