HP and Dell Outdesign Apple: Here's How They Did It


PC is now resurging with new unique concepts and designs. During the recent CES event, big brands like HP, Lenovo, and Dell showcased interesting new laptop designs. Fans also saw a new and enhanced face of the PC.

Some critics are concerned at why Apple is not pushing its PC designs to brand new heights, and even claim that Dell and HP have outdesigned the Macintosh computers, The Verge reported. The PC is now enhanced from an ordinary black box into a centrepiece with pleasing modern design. The all-in-one computer in 2017 is now functional as it is beautiful.

One of the best examples for this design is the Surface Studio, which Microsoft launched in the last quarter of last year. The 28-inch all-in-one computer brought the concept and design of PCs to a whole new level as it converts into a drafting table where digital artists can conveniently do their work. Those who aren't digital artists but got the chance to experience the Surface Studio were equally impressed by the design and functionality of the revamped PC.

Another good example is HP's EliteOne 800, which the company redesigned with stunning design and concept, Tom's Guide reported. This new device, like Microsoft's Surface Studio, has also brought the all-in-one PC concept to a brand new level. The EliteOne 800 has a small microedge bezel on its left, right, and top sides.

Its screen has also been enlarged to 23.8 inches, from 23 inches. The EliteOne 800 G3 sells at $1,049 for its non-touch design. Meanwhile, its touch screen version is worth more than that.

Another notable device from HP is its Envy Curved All-in-One 34. The design and concepts of these new gadgets may be wondrous; however, it also has their own share of downsides. Microsoft's Surface Studio is a little bit underpowered and isn't powerful enough for gaming use. HPs devices may be good for gaming, but only as a casual rig for gamers.

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