League of Legends Lawsuit Update: Creators Win; What it Means for LoL Future


Creators of "League of Legends" are going to be $10 million richer for winning a lawsuit against cheating and hacking service provider, LeagueSharp. The court ruled in favor of Riot Games, and will cause LeagueSharp a lifetime ban from playing "League of Legends", and more.

LeagueSharp allows its users to use codes to alter LoL gameplay. This gives players the freedom to trigger abilities of inhuman speed or level up LoL characters faster than anybody else. In other words, LeagueSharp allows players to cheat, Mashable reported, which is a direct violation to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

"League of Legends" creators Riot Games felt that LeagueSharp services ruined the integrity of the competitive game. LeagueSharp requires its members to pay $15-$50 per month to avail their cheating services. And when they confronted LeagueSharp about it, the latter only exposed private information about one Riot employee and exposed it to the online community.

But Riot Games does not stop there. It's now after a website owner that sells stolen "League of Legends" accounts, Variety reported. A gamemaker from Arizona named Zachary Kaufman is on the other end of the lawsuit that Riot filed on federal court. He will defend himself against allegations that he trafficked stolen LoL accounts.

Riot Games accuses Kaufman of infringing LoL copyrights by using graphics without due permission and profiting from it, and also violating the games prohibition of selling accounts.

But Kaufman maintains that whatever they sell came from them internally, not from a third party. The websites, which are known as EliteSmurf, dubs itself as #1 Ranked LoL Account Shop. The site has been taken down whn Riot Games learned about the infringement.

But Kaufman didn't stop operation despite telling Riot he's going to cooperate. He instead changed the name of the website from EliteSmurf, to DivineSmurfs. Riot Games has become increasingly aggressive pursuing "League of Legends" lawsuit and they will continue to purge until LoL will be purified.

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