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Nintendo Shipping Out More NES Classic Edition; Alerts May Be Too Late, Stay Vigilant Or Pay A Hefty Price


If Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima delivers on his words that the company is working on increasing production, then U.S. sellers like Amazon and Tesco may soon have a new wave of shipments of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition soon. However, the consoles are often in small stock quantities selling out within minutes beating website alerts of its availability and the only option for eager buyers is to regularly check online and physical stores or pay resellers as much as $230 for a $60 console.

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition consoles were in stock last week in Amazon and Tesco with the former store suffering from a crashed system following the rush of buyers wanting to purchase one. For those who have missed ordering online, there is a zero chance of finding it in local stores like GameStop, Target or Toys R'Us that sell the console in its original MSRP of $60. However, there are still retailers who sell the console but with a heftier price.

Newegg sells it for $190 with free standard shipping and also Chunk Toys for $230 but the price fluctuates from $50 to $100 less. Player's Choice offers it for $170 plus shipping and Walmart has been known to sell it for $150 via third-party resellers according to CNet. Incidentally, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition appeared on the Argos website last week, which it has been noticeably absent since December last year. U.K. buyers may soon get new shipments of the mini NES console.

Buyers who want to get hold of the Nintendo NES Classic Edition may opt to sign up for stock alerts with Stock Informer. BrickSeek and NowInStock will also show when the console reaches a physical store. However, a good habit of checking out local GameStop, Toys R'Us and Target stores may also help as well as making regular calls now and then. Website alerts may be unreliable as suggested by a Tesco twitter post warning buyers that stocks could run out long before the alerts reach would-be buyers, the Daily Star reported.

As to why the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is so sought-after lies not only in a sense of nostalgia for the console is a mini version of the original NES hardware of ages past. It is also because it is cheap, has 30 classic games built-in, comes with classic NES pad and it can connect to a TV via an HDMI cable. In short, it is a console that can appeal to all kinds of ages plus it is easy to use with multiple suspend points allowing players to easily picked up where they left off without the need for passwords. Incidentally, it can also be hacked, allowing hundreds of other titles to be played on the small console adding to the built-in "Super Mario Bros.," "The Legend of Zelda," "Donkey Kong," "Metroid," "Kirby's Adventures," and "Pac-Man" to list a few.

Also as to why it is always in limited supply typically Nintendo as many would say is because the console is hard to produce in higher quantities. Kimishima revealed to investors that there are some parts that are hard to acquire. However, the company is already working to increase production, which hopefully will happen soon having had almost four months to do it since the Nintendo NES Classic Edition launched last November.

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