Amazon Echo Will Soon Feature Voice Activated Phone Calls; Might Even Do Video Calls, Hands-Free


New Amazon Echo models are said to be coming later this year and it is speculated that it will allow its users to make phone calls simply by asking it.

According to Recode, the new Amazon Echo models can make the calls for its user. The device can also be used to speak with others using another Echo, much like an intercom system. The report stated that the new development to the Amazon Echo is currently undergoing beta testing within Amazon.

There are no reports if there will be changes to the physical design of the Amazon Echo if any. What may be clearer is that its Alexa AI might soon have added functionality not previously featured in earlier models.

Fortune reported that it is still unclear how the new functions will operate, most especially its phone call mechanism. It is speculated that the Amazon Echo might sync a phone number along with its contacts with the device, or it could be that the Alexa-enabled device might have its own number.

Amazon Echo with its Alexa AI is still ahead of the digital assistant market. It has a longer list of functionalities or skills. The Echo has also been commercially successful, despite strong competition from both Apple and Google.

Amazon's plans of incorporating voice activated phone calling with intercom functionality adds to its common uses such as streaming music, providing weather updates, and more. However, the logistics of how voice activated phone calling has to be sorted out, there are after all multiple users in one household.

If indeed the kinks are worked out, it will definitely generate a huge leap, as well as provide a twist on landline phone calls. Additionally, having an intercom function would mean there will need to have multiple Amazon Echoes connected throughout a household.

Moreover, there have also been reports that Amazon plans for the Amazon Echo to feature a screen. Doing so and incorporating this design feature into its plan to integrate voice-activated calling, will make it possible for Alexa to make video calls, entirely hands-free.

This might be made possible by using Nucleus, a startup company that Amazon invested into recently. The startup reportedly builds video intercoms that can be connected with Alexa. There has been no word from Amazon regarding its plans for its new hardware.

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