Ford Ups the Game with Cutting Edge Tech for 2018 Expedition; Requires Slingbox Account as a Downside

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Ford is defying odds by re-launching a dying brand - a 2018 Expedition. Now the company wants to up the game by introducing a model which integrates cutting-edge entertainment technology in the design. The downside however is Slingbox.

The power of the 2018 Expedition fullsize SUV was recently revealed at the 2017 Chicago Auto Show and it already shows features that makes it covetable, Truck Trend reported. The brand new Ford Expedition has a generous cabin that houses plenty of entertainment technologies to keep passengers occupied during long trips.

It contains an OE integrated live TV streaming system, which is the first in the car industry. Passengers can enjoy streaming live or satellite TV programming through the SlingPlayer System which is connected from the home entertainment system to the SUV's headrest video displays. But to fully experience it, the user must have an excellent home internet connection and a Slingbox account.

Slingbox brings video streaming technology to TVs DVRs and now to the Ford 2018 Expedition. The downside however the streaming capabilities of Slingbox will heavily rely on the user's home bandwidth. While Ford wants to promote uninterrupted entertainment while on the go, this concept seems to be reaching.

It's also not mentioned how the technology can be applied to markets outside the US. Although Slingbox takes pride in the fact that users can continue their streaming services outside US, users must still be connected to their internet back home in the US. Say the owner of the 2017 Ford Expedition is from Asia, how the streaming technology will work remains a mystery.

Ford on the other hand solved the home bandwidth issue. Reports have it that Ford will deliver the internet needs via a 4G LTE modem which is connected to the WiFi hotspot, CNET reported. The hotspot can support up to 10 devices and the connection remains strong within 50 feet from the vehicle. That means users do not have to be inside the car to enjoy their usual internet activities.

Other than the SlingPlayer, Ford 2018 Expedition users may also enjoy Android streaming with Miracast. The SUV will also house a DVD player, HDMI inputs, and plenty of USB ports to go around.

Ford's EcoSport is expected to house the same entertainment system as well, but these reports are not confirmed just yet. The 2018 Expedition will be out in the market come fall as the EcoSport will be in the showrooms next year.

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