‘Shovel Knight’ Has Gender Inclusive Mode; Offers Body Swap to Appeal to All Gender Market


"Shovel Knight" brings out 80's feels and gives players gender inclusive challenges with its 'gender swap'. The game's developers have chosen to make their project less regressive by creating Shield Knight to fight side by side with "Shovel Knight".

Yacht Club Games, "Shovel Knight's" developer promises a male and female character as the game's main cast. They wanted to make the game more inclusive that's why they designed Shield Knight as a comrade to help "Shovel Knight" in the fights; not as princess who needs saving.

The developers noticed that "Shovel Knight" characters are predominantly male and they want to change that. Since they are working on a Kickstarter campaign, Polygon reported, they now have a perfect solution to address the oversight and that's 'body swap'.

"Shovel Knight's" body swap will transform all male characters into females and vice versa. The developers also realized that they can do more than just a simple reversing of genders, taking into account that players may want to customize labels and genders to their own likings.

That's why they created opposite bodies for their main characters. The characters can be customized however the players want to modify them while playing "Shovel Knight". That means, players who do not identify with both the male or female populations can modify their characters to their hearts' content, WWG reported.

These characters will be addressed accordingly as well (e.g. he for male, she for female, etc.). The developers also acknowledged their limitations, which is why they are giving more freedom to their community to swap bodies and enjoy playing 'Shovel Knight".

But the developers established some rules and they include no cross dressing, characters to remain true to their personality, both versions will play identically, and characters should only be modified as they were originally, which means Shovel Knight will not wear a bikini.

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