‘Stardew Valley’ on Switch Doesn't Have Multiplayer; PC Will Get It First But Only After Summer

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"Stardew Valley", the indie RPG released in 2016, is now coming to Switch, much to its fans delight. The bad news is, it won't be available in multiplayer, yet. For Nintendo Switch market, "Stardew Valley" multiplayer will only be available in PC but not until after summer.

The farming game "Stardew Valley" just celebrated its first year anniversary and fans are excited that it is included in the list of indie games coming for "Stardew Valley," Polygon reported. It's a single player game when it was launched in 2016. But fans are now waiting for its multiplayer update.

The developers of the hit indie farming RPG "Stardew Valley", Chucklefish, has clarified reports that Switch console will be the first to roll out the game's multiplayer. According to Molly Carroll, a Chucklefish representative, "Stardew Valley" multiplayer will be available for Switch, but not until it rolls out on PC first and not until after summer, PC Gamer reported.

Carroll said it will take more time for them to release the multiplayer on Switch or PC, but rest assured that those who have the Switch console will get the multiplayer mode. The update won't be available this summer, but it will definitely come this 2017. Fans should be able to wait a little more.

"Stardew Valley" developer Eric Barone designed the game as a single player, but only because the multiplayer setting wasn't ready when it was released last year. It's now confirmed that a multiplayer is coming to fans, but as to when remains unknown. Barone only said they're making progress with the multiplayer update.

It was previously announced that Switch console will be the first to release the "Stardew Valley" multiplayer. But it's now confirmed that it's not. Like the other games however, "Stardew Valley" will be timed exclusive for the Switch, which means they are going to be available in Switch first.

But now that PC will rollout the multiplayer update first, the question is, when will "Stardew Valley" be made available to Nintendo Switch? The console is up for release this 3 March 2017.


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