Meet Handle, Boston Dynamics' Newest Robot


While it's still considered a prototype, Boston Dynamics' newest robot has already taken the internet - and most likely, the dreams of some people - by storm.

Meet Handle, Boston Dynamics' newest robot. Also deemed "nightmare-inducing," a term generally used for something that might cause both emotional and mental trauma, the Massachusetts-based robotics engineering company's latest machine is not just tall and fast - it can also jump like a real skateboarder gliding from the top to the bottom of a staircase. While some people find it a little bit terrifying, it just goes to show how cool and awesome robots are becoming each passing year.

According to Gizmodo, Handle was first leaked after Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert presented in some conference a month ago. Back then, it showed the machine jump over hurdles effortlessly. But now that its official video clip was released to the public, everyone can see that it's jam-packed with even more unique features - starting with a 6.5 feet tall physique, a 9 mph speed, and a 4 feet high jump despite its heavy weight.

Further detailed on the same publication, there are no announcements yet if Handle will be put into production. Still, Handle is deemed simpler with its ten motorized joints than Atlas - a humanlike robot with 28 tools in performing basic human functions and has a more complicated internal build, which somehow resulted in it acting like a drunken man in one of its previous test runs. Other than that, Handle can "handle" itself very well without any complications just as its predecessors: the giraffe robot named SpotMini, which has the capability of washing dishes via a dishwasher; and the dog robot named Spot, which has the capability of staying upright even when navigating on uneven grounds, as reported by The Verge

Watch the video below for a closer look on Handle:

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