Intel Destruction: AMD Ryzen Released, Faster than Core i7; MacBook Pro Coming ARM-Based Chips


Intel is probably having a bad hair day when AMD releases Ryzen CPU which performs better than Core i7 and Apple decides to use ARM-based chips for MacBook Pro. What's left out there for the world's major chipset maker is nothing but traces of its imminent fall down.

Benchmark Results Revealed How AMD Ryzen Beats Intel Core i7

Single-threaded and multi-threaded benchmarks reveal how the recently launched AMD Ryzen CPU beats the existing Intel Core i7. WCCF Tech reported that Ryzen 7 1700X processor is way faster than Core i7 7700K and Core i7 6950X based on the result validation of CPU-Z database.

In a single-threaded CPU performance benchmark, AMD Ryzen 7 1700X scores 2327 points in 3.8GHz clockspeed which is higher than Intel Core i7 7700K score of 2301 in a 4.5GHz clockspeed. On the other hand, in a multi-threaded CPU performance benchmark, Ryzen also outscore Core i7 despite the fact that the former has 8 core and 16 threads lower than the latter's 10 cores and 20 threads.

Aside from Ryzen's performance, Intel is also rumored to be worrying about the price point of AMD for its newest CPUs. For this reason, Intel has drop the price of Core i7 and Core i5 so as not to fall behind their biggest rival's gained back popularity.

MacBook Pro Will Be Equip with ARM-Based Chips

Aside from gaming, it seems like Intel will soon be out of placed in workstations too most especially when Apple is reportedly planning to utilized ARM-based chips for MacBook Pro 2017. According to 9 to 5 Mac, those chips which originally appeared in iPhone and iPads will be utilized to handle Intel-dependent low-power functionalities for battery preservation.

With these new movements in the industry that surrounds Intel, the struggle for the chipset-maker giant is apparent most especially when they are forced to drop the price of high-performing processors Core i7 and Core i5. And now with Apple seems to be moving away from Intel's shadow, how far will the company go from serving gaming industry and workstations? 

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