University Of Cambridge Students Complain About ‘Culturally Insensitive’ Meals In Campus


The students at a college in the University of Cambridge have raised their concerns about Pembroke serving meals that are said to "misrepresent" their culture. And the university will be putting in efforts to take note of their views and review their menu after the accusations.

Some students from foreign countries have complained about the dishes served from their native countries like the "Jamaican Stew" and "Tunisian Rice". They felt bad that these were not the meals or combinations they were eating back home and that it was clearly a misrepresentation of their culture, Telegraph reported.

One student has posted on the social media addressing one Pembroke kitchen staff and telling them to stop mixing mango and beef and call it "Jamaican Stew". He added that even though he got accustomed to being a minority student who gets constantly invalidated for certain issues, he feels that if their cultures are misrepresented, they have the right to address it, according to Independent.

Another student complained about a meal which is not being served in their native country, Tunisia. In the Facebook page, Grudgebridge, one student replied with a comment saying that the students should feel lucky that they have the time to sit and moan about the naming of the food they are eating at one of the best universities in the world.

Another one instead felt thankful that the kitchen staff were trying to make an Indian food, although it was not exactly like the one they had back home.

College bursar Andrew Cates said Pembroke did not really receive any formal complaint from the students. He said that the college takes pride in their high standards of cuisine and that they urge their catering staff to take note of the students' concerns seriously.

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