Marvel Video Games Creative Director: Developers will be Given Creative Freedom; Characters Not on Shared Continuity


Marvel Video Games developers will be given free reigns to be as creative as possible. That means all video games will not be interconnected to the story of the other. What fans see in the movies, which forces one Marvel universe together, are never going to happen according to Marvel Games creative director.

Bill Rosemann Says Developers Will Have Freedom to Tell Story

Bill Rosemann, the Marvel Video Games Creative Director, says the developers behind PS4 Marvel Video Games such as "Spider-Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series" are given the freedom to create the stories for their superheroes themselves, IGN reported. The company aims to produce more original stories that the gamers would enjoy playing.

According to Rosemann, they're giving their developer/partners the opportunity to look into the history of the franchise and create their own stories. Whatever will interest the developer/partners can be put into the gameplay, and that's what Marvel Video Games want.

Rosemann says their role would be to provide the ingredients to the recipes that their developer/partners want to cook. This is a deliberate move to allow the Marvel Video Games projects to be unique.

This is a new approach since Marvel comics and movies are often interconnected to each other. Marvel this time wants to have their developers to put their stamp in the game, and have a passionate touch on what they do. Marvel doesn't want it to be a rip off from the comics and movies; they want to have the developers' visions transcend through the games.

Marvel Video Games Major Upcoming Releases

Marvel has four major releases announced. "Spider-Man" for PS4 will be an exclusive release and are now available for fans' pre-order, Comic Book reported. "Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series" is not yet available as "Spider-Man" but will be released before this year is over.

"Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite", the third one from Marvel Games, doesn't have a release date yet and so does "Avengers". These games, like the two mentioned above, will not be like the movies that fans have already seen, rest assured. With the kind of creative freedom that the developers can enjoy, fans will definitely have something fresh.

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