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Daniel 2 Prophecy and Biblical Signs of World Ending in 2017; More Prophecies for this Year's Apocalypse


Earth has been predicted to end so many times but a website claims the Daniel 2 prophecy might be the most legitimate of all. According to the website, the biblical signs, which are happening since last year, are evidences that the world and mankind's 6,000 years rule over it will end in 2017. What does the prophecy say?

What Daniel 2 Prophecy Says

According to a website called "Signs of the End of Times", we will be the first generation to fulfil all the biblical signs which existed since the early days, Comic Book reported. The website also claims that the signs have never been as apparent, as common, and as intense as before.

The natural disasters, the 4,000 earthquakes, the massive loss of life are all signs of an impending doom, claims Signs of the End of Times. These are God's collective message that we should all prepare. And this is what Daniel has warned in the Bible.

In the Bible, Daniel interpreted King Nebuchadnezzar's dream and said there will be a beast, which is supposed to be the fourth kingdom of the Earth. The kingdom shall be more diverse than the others and shall devour the whole earth. Moreover it will tread the world down and break it into pieces.

The dream interpretation is happening these days, Daily Star UK reported. There are biblical signs occurring such as the severe flooding, the rise of mosquitoes that are resistant to chemicals used to control its population, Earth Temperature rising to the highest level, anthrax strikes, meningitis outbreaks on the rise for gay men, the loss of honey bees, and the list can go on.

Other Prophecies For Apocalypse this 2017

The biblical passages have warned mankind of the upcoming end of days. Isaiah 24:20 speaks of the Earth reeling back and forth like a drunk person, and shall be pulled from the ground like a cottage. It's a punishment that shall be as severe as the weight of its sins and it will not be able to rise again.

Revelation 6:12 talks about a great earthquake and the sun that turned black and the moon became red as blood. Moreover, there's Nostradamus' Doomsday Prophecy. There's also the Planet X due to collide with Earth sometime this October.

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