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Hour-Long Sex Breaks Suggested For Swedes; Sex Health Benefits Targeted


There have been a lot of studies proving the health benefits that sex can bring. One Swedish politician brings this further by proposing an hour-long paid sex break. Besides the health benefits of sex, the councillor also said that couple's aren't spending enough time with each other these days.

Swedish Politician Pushing the Law

Overtornea councillor Per-Erik Muskos proposed the motion for the hour-long paid sex break, Daily Mail reported. He argues that this could help strengthen relationships among couples and improve workers' health. According to Muskos, couples aren't spending enough quality time together and should given time to be intimate with their partners.

Health Benefits of Sex

According to studies, sex can enhance memory, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity, to name a few, Fox News reported. Regular sex can also reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and it can make couples feel more intimate with each other improving their bond. Muskos said there are no reasons for the proposal not to get approved.

Some critics believe that enforcing this policy would be near impossible saying that there could be a possibility that employees may not use this hour-long paid break to make love with their partners. The councillor admitted this point, but he said workers should be trusted with what they will do with the free time that will be given to them. He said that there are no guarantees that workers might just go out for a walk instead of having sex with their lovers.

Swedish full-time employees rank third on the list of least work time. Swede workers work for an average of only 1,685 hours in 2015. First on the list is Finland, followed by France. This is a great deal considering that British full-time employees work for an average of 1,900 hours, while German full-time employees work for an average of 1,847.

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