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Alien Cosmic Radiation Causes MacBook Pro Problems; Apple Inc Lags Behind to Fix it


The butterfly mechanism that Apple has implemented on its 2016 MacBook Pro seems to bring more problems than advantages. Some of the issues include high-pitched sound coming from the keys, non-uniform feel, and non-functional keys. There are theories that these glitches could be caused by alien cosmic radiation.

Could it be true?

Alien Cosmic Radiation and Single-Event Upsets

Space is mind-bogglingly vast and there is a thing called alien cosmic radiation coming from supernova explosions and centers of galaxies that bombard the Earth at a daily basis. According to Vanderbilt University electrical engineering professor Bharat Bhuva, these alien cosmic radiations are invisible to the people, Network World reported. These cosmic rays may not be seen by the naked eye, but can affect technology, and people usually dismiss them as simple glitches due to complacency of the company that manufactured it.

One good example is how processors suddenly die for no reason. People usually attribute this problem to crappy software, but there are Single-Event Upsets or SEUs that point these problems to alien cosmic radiation. The SEUs that caused glitches on certain technologies may also be linked to the problems that the new MacBook Pro is having.

New MacBook Pro Problems and How Cosmic Radiation Plays

There are no clear reasons that can be blamed for the problems the new MacBook Pro is having, but its new butterfly technology is very sensitive, Mac Rumors reported. SEUs from alien cosmic radiation could be the cause. The keyboards in some 2016 MacBook Pros just cleared out on its own, but other owners aren't very lucky.

2016 MacBook Pro owners experiencing keyboard issues are advised to visit the Apple Store or any of the Apple Authorized Service Provider nearest to tem. Apple will provide replacements. Since replacing keyboards is complicated, owners will have to wait for days to get their keyboard issue fixed. According to owners with keyboard problems, Apple will replace most Touch Bar models, while non-Touch Bar models will be sent out for repairs.

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