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'The Flash' Season 3 Spoilers: Epic Gladiator-Style Combat; The Battle Continues In 'Attack On Central City' [Recap]


Last night's episode of "The Flash" Season 3 just had an epic gladiator-style combat between The Flash and Solovar. The only question is: What's going to happen in the next episode?

"The Flash" Season 3 Episode 13 began with Harrison Wells of Earth-2 running away from something, or someone, in a deep forest but was captured by a gorilla in one swift. Back in Earth-1, Jesse Quick relayed to the rest of Team Flash that her father has been missing for two weeks already. She also informed them about him going on an expedition with ten other people.

It was then revealed that the gorillas from Gorilla City sent Harry an invitation via an encrypted message, which they even decoded in about a week, and went there in hopes of meeting them in peace. But upon investigation after the expedition team failed to check-in with the authorities, it was found that Harry was abducted and the rest of his companions were beaten to death.

Thus, the journey to rescue Harry in Earth-2 began with Barry, Cisco, Caitlin, and Julian in tow. As they walked towards the deeper part of the forest while discussing on how to go about rescuing Harry, Cisco's tracker suddenly beeped and they raced to see where it is coming from - only to get shot by sleeping darts. Grodd appears and captures them.

They woke up locked in a cell. Shortly after, Grodd speaks to them through Harry and said he needed their help to stop Solovar, Gorilla City's leader, from invading Earth-1. He also told them about the arena, where they will be executed. However, Grodd wants The Flash to defeat Solovar to become the new ruler of the gorillas. Barry refused at first, saying he doesn't want to kill anyone - not even a gorilla. Still...

Solovar finally shows up and told them it's what he has feared. Barry replied that they have come in peace. He pleaded for them to be free and promised to never come back. Solovar refused and challenged him in a battle through Cisco instead. ComicBook earlier reported a video clip that shows him doing just that. And it was truly epic, gladiator-style. The CGI effects were just brilliant, with every inch of thrill a viewer can only usually experience in box-office films. The Flash may not have been in the upper-hand at first, but he was able to defeat Solovar without killing him - thanks to what Julian mentioned and Cisco's quick thinking.

But as much as The Flash and the others want to celebrate their victory, Grodd's true purpose finally came in full circle. Through Harry, Grodd revealed that he has no intention of letting them go. Turns out, Solovar never wanted to invade Earth-1. He also never believed that humans coming there want to experiment on them and use them for their own selfish purposes, not until Grodd told them about what he has experienced back then.

And so, Barry and the others tried to escape on their own. Harry, by this time, has already woken up and thanked everyone for going there to rescue him. However, they were starting to lose hope - even resorting to the idea of Killer Frost killing Cisco, so he wouldn't be able to open the breach as Grodd needs him to do. That's when Barry came up with another idea and they decided to use Caitlin's cold power, which was unbeknownst to Grodd, to make one of them appear dead.

Seeing Barry lying blue on the ground and believing Caitlin's story of how he died, Grodd said he was never that much use to him anyway and took Barry out of the cell. Grodd went outside, Harry signaled Barry that he was gone, and everyone is literally praying for Barry to stay alive. Thankfully, Barry was able to "reverse-flash" his way to melting the cold ice stopping his heart and body from functioning and they escape. They proceeded to open the breach in the forest and went back to Earth-1, with only a few seconds interval for Grodd to stop them.

Ending on a bright note, "Attack on Gorilla City' - in overall - was a good start in building up the hype for the next episode. Grodd revealing his true purpose was just a little sad, as The Flash and the others actually believed that he can change. There's also Jesse and Wally's blossoming relationship in-between the action, along with H.R. giving them advice on what to do about it. "Young love," as he even said.

On the other hand, Gypsy seemingly left by Grodd with no choice but to open a breach and take him and his army of gorillas in Earth-1 somehow tells us that the future of Iris West in the hands of Savitar is still imminent. If you can recall and as seen in the earlier part of the episode, one of the headlines leading to Iris' death mentions Central City still recovering from the gorilla attack. Thus, regardless of the changes being made by Barry and the rest of Team Flash, there will always be consequences - sometimes, even worse than the actual one.

Meanwhile, the battle continues in "Attack on Central City." As reported on ScreenCrush, an extended trailer for the much-awaited Gorilla City arc conclusion was released following last night's episode and it shows Grodd and his army of gorillas taking the final battle against The Flash in Central City. Jesse Quick, Kid Flash, and Joe West were also shown, but it seems like it would take more than them to defeat Grodd once and for all.

"Attack on Central City" airs on February 28 at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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