YouTube Is Reportedly Closing Down As Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Intensifies Cracked Down Of Piracy Sites


Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are working together with Intellectual Property Office to crack down online piracy sites for copyright infringements. To recall, YouTube is one of those sites that's facing copyright violations from the music industry for the past years. Will Google shutdown its long-operated video channel to stand against online piracy? Read more!

Is YouTube Shutting Down

The shutting down of the popular torrenting sites Kickass Torrent signifies one thing - that online piracy does not guarantee an infinite privilege. Today, the war against piracy sites as been taken into another level when popular search giants operated by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo have joined the picture in cracking down piracy sites.

It appears that torrenting sites are not only the target of the cracking down, it also includes the sites that promote online piracy on movies, music, TV shows and other entertainment-related shows in which YouTube is tagged along with. CNBC reported that for the past years, the popular video channel has been the subject of copyright infringements from the music industry, thus, gives rise to the speculation of its imminent shutting down but Google has not released any official statement regarding the matter.

Piracy Sites Will Be Banned from Search Results

As for Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, the most effective way of eliminating piracy sites online is to ban them from the search results. A voluntary code is needed to carry out the demotion of those websites that served with copyright infringements repeatedly but refused to address it, Telegraph reported.

The minister of universities, Jo Johnson hopes that this code could help the consumers to link them to legitimate sources and not the piracy sites. He also emphasize the collaboration lead by the search giants as they are the one who are familiar with this kind of industry.

On the other hand, the Business Secretary Greg Clark said that a possible working legislation might be available in the future so as to properly impose fines and sanctions to those who violated the copyright law. In this manner, online piracy might just become a thing from the past. 

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