Microsoft Azure Announces Killer Cybersecurity Service; Makes Azure Even Better for Developers


Microsoft Azure customers continue to enjoy an extensive array of cloud services with the latest focusing more on security. Ron Matchoro, a senior program manager at Microsoft Azure SQL Database reveals that the Azure SQL Database Threat Detection will be made available sometime in April. Not only does Microsoft offer protection from potential attacks, but also a more sophisticated search capabilities and a more streamlined application logins. Moreover, developers using the Azure documentDB will get to have access to software that complies with the latest security standards at very affordable prices.

Prior to the RSA Conference in San Francisco, Microsoft has already alluded to a string of security-themed programs that will be coming to Microsoft Azure. Foremost of these is the Azure SQL Database Threat Detection that can detect any suspicious activities in the database. This has been discussed at length in a blog post of Matchoro.

The Microsoft Azure SQL Database Threat Detection provides the added security intelligence incorporated into the database service. Those who are using the Azure SQL Database can now secure their systems in just a few seconds and they do not have to be experts on it, Eweek has learned. The feature unceasingly works learning, profiling and discovering anomalous database activities that could already be attempting to breach the database.

This would include accessing a production database from an unknown network or SQL injection, which is by far the most common strategy used by cyber attackers. In fact, the State of the Internet Security Report of Akamai for the last quarter of 2016 identified the SQL injection topping all kinds of web application attack with local file inclusion coming in second. For this purpose, Microsoft cloud customers can improve the security of their systems when the Azure SQL Database Threat Detection is released sometime in April at only $15 per server per month.

In related news, Microsoft is leveraging on the recent security issues on unsecured MongoDB databases. The Redmond-based giant is now zeroing in on developers by urging them to use the Microsoft Azure documentDB. Developers using Azure will get automatically adhered to the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). This pertains to the Microsoft platform dedicated to the creation of software that is security compliant and cost-friendly according to win buzzer.

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