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Brad Pitt vs. Angelina Jolie: Why Jolie’s Career is in Jeopardy After Public Divorce


When Brad Pitt showed up at this year's Golden Globes much to everybody's surprise and pleasure, it was clear to see that his career didn't suffer as much as his marital life is suffering. When Angelina Jolie blindsided him with a divorce, citing irreconcilable differences, many have thought that Pitt is on the gutters. But that doesn't seem to be the case; in fact, it seems like it's reversed, with Jolie's career on the pit of extinction.

Angelina Jolie's Career Suffers and Will Continue to Suffer

Angelina Jolie was not one of the most liked actresses or persons in Hollywood. She was labeled the "groom raider" when she married Billy Bob Thornton while his girlfriend, Laura Dern, was away to make a film. Afterward, she started an affair with Brad Pitt while the poor bloke was still married to Jennifer Aniston, News AU reported.

They were labeled the golden couple, but no one can really shake the reality that she's got no one in life other than Brad and her family. She admits it herself in a Marie Claire interview back in 2011 saying she doesn't have a lot of friends to talk to.

Why wouldn't that be the case when she's gone out in public and presented herself as a wanton, a drug addict, a Cersei Lannister-incarnate, and a blood wearing starlet? But she had mastered self-reinvention. She made an 180° and became a writer, a director, a UN ambassador, an honorary dame by the Queen of England, and a single mom into a devoted and domesticated wife.

However, Hollywood being an industry of baloneys does not buy baloneys. And before she became the other person to the Brangelina brand, her career in the film industry got everyone's eyes rolling. Jolie, who would like to be seen as an A-List director blew her chances with "Unbroken" and "By The Sea".

In the leaked emails between Sony executives, even the people from the big studio don't buy what she calls "talent". They called her a "minimally talented spoiled brat" who is uninterested in making any high-quality films than taking "$180 million ego bath". She was also asked about Mike Leigh whether or not she's a good director, to which she answered: "I don't know."

Why Brad Pitt is Winning Despite Divorce and Custody Drama

Brad Pitt on the other hand recently signed a $60 million deal with Netflix for a movie called "War Machine". His productions company Plan B Entertainment is also trailblazing what with a year to year Oscar nods that started off with "The Departed" and "The Big Short". Other than that Pitt also produced "12 Years A Slave" and this year's critically acclaimed "Moonlight", and it would seem like there's no stopping him.

Despite Angelina Jolie's smear campaign on Brad Pitt's image, telling the public that this has been a difficult time for her, Telegraph UK reported, she will no longer amount to anything as stellar as when she was with Brad Pitt. What she failed to realize was that much of her status quo was loaned from the marriage and having been divorced from that, time can only tell how long she can keep the masquerade going.

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