Climate Change On Planet Earth II, David Attenborough Narrates Dramatic City Life


Climate change gets the spotlight once again. On BBC's "Into the Animal's World," David Attenborough once again uses his voice to capture Earth and its inhabitants. The documentary series, "Planet Earth II" is finally here after a decade.

In this new series, the documentary crew uses a different style of capturing with newer and advanced technology. Using a dramatic sweep of the world and coupled with David Attenborough's voice, the show hits the hearts and homes of many viewers. In particular, the effects of climate change when it comes to Earth's creatures and environments.

Elizabeth White, a producer in one of the episodes of "Planet Earth II" says that they try their best to truly put viewers into the animal's world, as reported by NBC News. Executive producer Michael Gunton also explains that he hopes the series would raise awareness of the various issues concerning Earth. And that includes climate change.

With David Attenborough once again leading the story, "Planet Earth II" captures the interests of many when it comes to human involvement.

David Attenborough himself is a geologist and zoologist. He received his degree in Natural Sciences through a scholarship to Clare College, Cambridge. Now, he leads viewers through a cinematic view of human's relationship with the environment. Giving a view into the natural world, Attenborough immerses viewers in the world of natural lava and even skyscrapers.

There are seven episodes in "Planet Earth II." An interesting episode features cities which is considered to be one of the different land habitats, as reported by Variety. Many may wonder what kind of animals would live in a city habitat. But in New York City for example, David Attenborough points out peregrine falcons who thrive and nest on the skyscrapers.

Find out more about climate change by catching "Planet Earth II" in BBC America, the nature documentary is set to air on Feb. 18, 9:00 pm.

Watch the extended trailer of the documentary below for a sneak peek:

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