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‘Backyards World: Planet 9’ and ‘Space Poop Problem’: All the Latest from NASA


NASA launches "Backyards World: Planet 9", a plea for the public's help in finding the mysterious huge planet that is hiding right inside our solar system. It's believed to be more massive than Earth but is elusive from this world's most advanced telescopes. Moreover, the federal organization already found the solution to the poop problem that's also been elusive for NASA for years.

NASA Asking Public for Help in "Backyards World: Planet 9"

NASA Scientists have been very confident since last year that they can finally get a glimpse of Planet 9. But it hasn't showed up since, much to the disappointment of the people from NASA.

According to Mark Kuchner, a lead researcher from the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA, the reason why Planet 9 remains unseen is because it's located in the farthest area of the solar system, in a vast territory that is unexplored. Despite the fact that NASA already uses the most advanced computers in the world to track new objects from space, the background noise makes it impossible to track Planet 9.

NASA believes that the public will bring a unique skill to the project, which is the human ability to recognize movement even from the far corners of the solar system, Science Alert reported. Anyone who can find the mysterious planet from the comforts of their home will definitely receive an award that is only reserved for the people from NASA.

NASA Space Poop Problem Solved

NASA finally put an end to the space poop problem that plagued astronauts and will plague those who will gear up for space in the near future. This project, which asked the help of the public, has a prize pot of $30,000 for the best idea. Thatcher Cardon, a flight surgeon, won, The Guardian reported.

The doctor, who also happens to be an air force officer, drew inspiration from heart valves replacement through catheters in an artery. Cardon has direct experience with keyhole surgery and he was able to come up with a small airlock in the space suit's groin area.

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