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Research Confirms Vitamin D Cuts Respiratory Infection Risks up to 50%, Including Flu


A collaborative study funded by National Institute of Health Research UK, has come up with a new finding that suggests vitamin D benefits protect against common colds and flu.

Vitamin D, the so-called 'sunshine vitamin' turns out to have another benefit than just promoting healthy bones.

The benefits of taking vitamin D supplements

The study published in the British Medical Journal, explains that vitamin D helps to protect against respiratory infections. Participants who took the supplements daily were found to cut the risk up to 12 percent whilst those with the lowest vitamin D intake found that the supplements cut the risk by 50 percent.

Examining 11,000 participants, scientists at the Queen Mary University of London, conducted data analysis in 14 countries, New Scientists reported. Taking vitamin D supplements regularly is proven to have a significant benefit to cut the risks of getting respiratory problems.


The practice was found effective to reduce the suffering from acute respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis, pneumonia and the common cold. Vitamin D, according to the author, can boost the natural antibiotic-like in the lungs.

Researchers assumed that taking the weekly supplements would cut the numbers of respiratory infection, up to 3.25 million fewer people in the UK, Guardian has learned.

What the study suggests

Professor Adrian Martineau, lead author of the study claimed that the effort is a clear evidence that vitamin D provides the needs to reduce the risk of respiratory infections.

The result of this research suggests that it is recommended to boost vitamin D supplements intake during winter and spring - where most common colds and flu appear.

Researchers believe that the impact could also benefit from public health policy in tackling deficiency across the countries and promoting food enrichment.

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