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Comparing US Mobile Carriers Unlimited Plans: An In-Depth Report; Who Reigns Supreme?


US mobile carriers Unlimited plans are back. Verizon recently announced its new unlimited plan, which quickly caught the attention of thee consumers. However, it seems like the consumers aren't the only ones who heard it as T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint followed suit to match the option.Now, the question is, which among these providers will reign supreme?

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint Unlimited Plans

With all four now offering unlimited-data plans, as well as other lower-priced networks, Wired reported. It would be best to compare all four carriers to find out which among them can offer the best deal. Here are the specifications in their offers starting from the most expensive unlimited-data plan to the most affordable one.

AT&T has the most expensive rate offering their unlimited-data plan at $100 per month, CNET reported. The company's data plan is exclusive for DirecTV subscribers. DirecTV's package is worth $50 per month. Including this amount, AT$T's plan reaches some $150.

AT&T's speed slows down when consumers reached their limit of 22GB a month. Meanwhile, mobile hotspot capability is not included in the plan. Also, this plan is for people who has a lot of extra cash.

Following AT&T is Verizon, which offers its unlimited-data plan at $80 a month. This plan includes mobile hotspot capability. However, its monthly limit is 22GB, after which, the speed slows down.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile's unlimited-data is $70 per month, which includes taxes and fees. Consumers must first sign up for auto-play. One of the best features in T-Mobile's HD streaming and its added mobile-hotspot services. T-Mobile's monthly limit is a big 28GB.

Last in the list is Sprint, which offers its unlimited-data plan at $50 per month. Users have to activate their auto-pay so that they will not pay a total of $55. This service doesn't include mobile hotspot capabilities. The video resolution in this service is capped at only 480p. Sprint's limit is 23GB.

Who Reigns Supreme?

With the comparison above, it is clear to see that T-Mobile reigns supreme. At a lower price than Verizon's plan, T-Mobile offers HD Streaming, mobile-hotspot capabilities and has a big 28GB monthly limit.

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