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Beyonce's Grammy Defeat to Adele is Racism; Adele Thinks So Too


Adele's album "25" is an excellent album from one of the greatest singers of all time. It is bone- chilling, lovely, and solid; but if one will truly compare it to Beyonce's "Lemonade", one will understand why Beyonce's Grammy defeat was because of the color of her skin. Even Adele thinks so too, asking a reporter backstage at the 50th Grammy Awards what an artist like Beyonce has to do to win Album of the Year.

Racism Card Played in Beyonce's Grammy Defeat

When the nominees for Album of the Year were announced, everyone, especially fellow nominee Adele, were expecting that the award will go to Beyonce. But much to the disappointment of everybody save Beyonce, the award went to Adele instead. Beyonce's Grammy loss is another one that will resonate around the world that if a person like Beyonce couldn't get the validation for her groundbreaking work because of the color of her skin, then how else can the other women of color get theirs?

Beyonce's Grammy entry "Lemonade" is nothing short of phenomenal. The reason for that is because her album was not about recovering from heartbreaks or going through life when you're 25 years old, it's really an artistic ode to all the women in color from the past, the present, and the future. It's a project that transcends all genre and pushes boundary, even for the world's biggest pop star who is Beyonce, Refinery 29 reported.

Beyonce's Grammy defeat to Adele is not because she can't sing, sing, as Carlos Santana pointed out. It's because she is a woman of color and no matter how hard she works, no matter how far she pushes the boundaries, and no matter how phenomenal her artworks are, the common denomination is and always will be is that she's black.

Adele believed it's Beyonce's time to win the Album of the Year award. She was shocked when the presenter called out her album "25" instead of "Lemonade". When she took the stage to accept it, she thanked Beyonce profusely, but really what else can an undeserving winner say except thank the person who's supposed to bag the biggest Grammy award?

Adele Undeserving; Beyonce's Grammy Lost Should be Her Win?

When Adele took the stage to receive the award, she forced the spotlight to focus on the real winner, the woman she idolized since she was 11 years old, Beyonce. Beyonce's Grammar defeat is really not because Adele is a better singer than her or that she uses too many back-up dancers when she performs but Adele doesn't. It's because her album "Lemonade" is too black for many Grammy voters, CNN reported.

When Beyonce's "Lemonade" came out, it made a lot of people uncomfortable. That's because the album is laden with political themes and it's generally unapologetically black. It only means that America remains a nation that is unprepared to hear the truth.

That's why it's a big wonder especially for Adele why her album which contains songs about love, which are not really ground breaking, which are uncontroversial, and plainly safe won Album of the Year.

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