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Emily Ratajkowski Defends Melania Trump and Melania Shouts Out Her Love; Here's Why It's Hollow


Emily Ratajkowski went to Twitter to call out the NYT reporter who called FLOTUS a slut. Melania Trump thanks Emily Ratajkowski for it and applauds the women around the world who speak up, stand up, and support other women. Here's why Melania Trump's applause for other women doesn't amount to anything.

Melania Trump Supporting Other Women Like Emily Ratajkowski is Bad

Melania Trump is not an active twittering person like her husband. In fact, she just started her Twitter account. The hashtag #PowerOfTheFirstLady was first used with a photo of Mrs. Trump and Japanese First Lady Akie Abe and was reused when she thanked Emily Ratajkowski for speaking up.

The irony in Melania Trump's tweet however is that she's not really a powerful first lady or that she hasn't yet realized the power of being a first lady. She hasn't used that power into anything and rather has chosen sanctuary at the Trump Tower, Vogue reported. While her husband has been making policy edicts and alienating allies, Mrs. Trump hasn't been quick in assuming any responsibility that being the FLOTUS entails. Emily Ratajkowski, who is a passionate young woman who speaks up about slut shaming hasn't pointed that out. But it doesn't mean Miss Ratajkowski is wrong because regardless of anyone's political POV, slut shaming is not ok. Other than not using her power as the first lady, Melania Trump's applause is hollow because she hasn't spoken up about the millions of women who marched against her husband. Her husband is a known misogynist and sexual offender but she has addressed the issue as "boys will be boys" and nothing more. Melania Trump's reply to Emily Ratajkowski's tweets only received backlash after backlash from her husband's critics. Most have been keen to point out how Donald Trump reduces a woman's value as nothing but sex objects, which is what Emily Ratajkowski is so keen to be against of.

Not only that, Emily Ratajkowski, who encourages other women to choose when and where and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies, plus Melania Trump's notion of supporting other women because we're all in this together, are not productive; they are rather reductive, Slate reported.

What Went Down with Emily Ratajkowski and NYT Reporter

Emily Ratajkowski, who's been known for her breakout role in the music video "Blurred Lines" was at the New York Fashion Week when she overheard a conversation between a New York Times reporter and his friends. Apparently, the NYT reporter called the FLOTUS a "slut" and Emily Ratajkowski is not fine with that.

She once penned a letter addressing the issue of how she was sexualized at a young age and how she lives in a society that doesn't allow women to be sexual and not be judged by it, Huffington Post reported. The New York Times has released a statement that their reporter never intended for the comment to be made public, but that it was inappropriate nonetheless.

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