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Harrison Ford vs. FAA: What the Actor is Facing Against the Judge, Jury, and Executioner That Is FAA


Hollywood actor Harrison Ford nearly missed a catastrophic passenger plane incident by landing on the taxiway. This, according to the standards of the Federal Aviation Administration, is a clear violation of the safety rules. This has potential to bring Harrison Ford grounded for the rest of his life what with FAA being the judge, jury, and executioner in cases like this one.

FAA Investigates Harrison Ford Incident

The latest update regarding this Harrison Ford news indicates that the air traffic controllers have cleared the pilot to land, but the pilot landed on the taxiway instead of the runway, which is parallel to it. The pilot overflew a Boeing 737, a passenger plane carrying 116 people aboard, E! Online reported. It was a narrow miss of an otherwise catastrophic event.

Landing on the taxiway is a clear violation of the FAA safety rules and investigation by the federal agency immediately followed. Harrison Ford was even put on record asking the air controllers of John Wayne Airport if the airliner meant to be under him. This indicates that the pilot, which could or could not be Harrison Ford, was confused.

A taxiway landing is not an uncommon violation. It occurs because there are several factors like sunlight or surface water that could obscure the pilot's view. An airport's lack of proper markings, like a giant "T" for taxiway, is also a determining factor for a pilot error.

The actor couldn't be reached for comment. No one has confirmed whether or not he's the pilot who flew his private single engine Aviat Husky plane. But he can potentially lose his pilot license for this.

FAA has corrective programs like "Operational Error detection Program" and "Air Traffic Quality Assurance" to prevent incidents like this one. It also has real-time software systems to detect, flag, and report activities in the air traffic terminal facilities. If Harrison Ford's party disputes the controller over the incident, the federal agency will be the judge, jury, and executioner, Aviation Week reported.

Not only that, FAA's decisions are undisputed. If they bring in a legal enforcement against Harrison Ford or whoever else was flying the Aviat Husky, the discretion presumed to be absolute and cannot be reviewed. As for the pilot's stance on the matter, he will be presumed inattentive and careless.

Harrison Ford and His Landing Mishaps

The FAA investigation, however, could take months as the federal agency is severely backlogged, TMZ reported. It is confirmed that Harrison Ford's landing mishap did not pose an immediate danger and that the actor is an experienced pilot.

This is not the first time that Harrison Ford avoided a catastrophic event. On March 2015, the pilot for ten years made an emergency landing of a WWII plane at Santa Monica Gold Course. Ford only suffered minor injuries including a broken arm and several head injuries, Variety reported.

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