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UVM Professors Protest For Full-Time Faculty Wages, Criticize Spending On Executives


Professors at the University of Vermont (UVM) have staged a protest as they want full-time faculty wages and benefits. They want compensation that is similar to those of peer universities such as the University of Maine and the University of New Hampshire.

Burlington Free Press reported that UVM sociology professor Dan Krymkowski, lead union negotiator, said that the correction is expected to align the actions of the university with its expressed goals and values. It will also make sure that there is parity to its peer institutions in terms of workload, security, compensation, support and benefits.

UVM Provost David Rosowsky's welcome message praised the school's teacher-scholar model as "a beacon to would-be students." Krymkowski noted that this is an indicator of how much value professors should be given during the current round of negotiations.

The union and the university's current agreement is already three years old and will be ending on Jun. 30. On Monday, the two parties met in James M. Jeffords Hall to negotiate on a new contract.

University spokesperson Enrique Corredera stated in an email that both the University of Vermont and the union traditionally agree not to discuss any of the issues that will be dealt with at the bargaining table in public. There were about 30 professors who held signs outside the room where negotiations were held.

Resources and chairs were some of the things that professors wanted out of the talks. Nancy Welch, a co-chair of the contract action team and English professor, added that she wanted funding for the library and that the university should put the money back in education.

The University of Vermont recently confirmed that it will be spending about $80 million for the construction of two on-campus facilities. According to The Vermont Cynic, it is expected to be completed by 2022.

The union has also provided documents from the American Association of University Professors' ongoing study which revealed that UVM has prioritized spending on executive, managerial and marketing positions. The group wants to transfer 3 percent of the budget into academics to create more permanent positions rather than continue with the hiring of adjunct lecturers.

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