Cardiologist Shares 7 Easy Changes to Prevent Heart Attack [VIDEO]

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Heart disease is a leading killer in America. It's reported that the number is growing to more than 23 million by 2030. In United States, more than 800,000 people died of heart-related problems like stroke.

Cardiologist Dr. David Greenberg, MD, shared the simple guides from American Heart Association and said that these changes will help patients to prevent heart disease.  

1. Getting active

Exercise is one of the most important lifestyle changes that one can do to take care of their heart's health. Studies have shown that being a couch potato without moderate exercise could be more harmful than smoking, according to New Jersey.

Regular physical exercise is highly recommended for at least half an hour per day. The activity can also help to lower blood pressure and promote better blood circulation.

2. Controlling cholesterol

43 percent of Americans have reportedly higher cholesterol level than 200 mg/dL, according to American Heart Association.

Cholesterol is produced by the liver but it can also enter the body from the foods we consume. Having too much cholesterol means to heighten the risk of getting a heart disease.

3. Eating better

The American Heart Association has noted that eating well contributes to a healthy heart. For instance, consuming a whole grains and reducing the amount of sugar in children and adults - are great eating patterns to start. It also includes cutting down on fast food and simple carbs like pasta.

4. Managing blood pressure

The United States will see a decrease in the numbers of people getting hypertension problems - up to 8 percent increase, from 2013 to 2030.

5. Losing weight

Another lifestyle change to make is losing weight. Obesity is a manifestation of heart disease and by keeping a healthy weight range, a person can reduce the risk of heart damage.

The next two changes in the list are reducing blood sugar and quitting smoking.

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