Overwatch PTR Hints Upcoming Doomfist; Lucio Is Heading Toward Another Blizzard Game [VIDEO]

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Blizzard and the Overwatch rumor mill is spinning once again, but this time it's no longer about Sombra or any upcoming updates. It's all about the next character named Doomfist and fans are reportedly excited about the upcoming hero.

The Upcoming New Overwatch Character

The news about the upcoming character may not come as a big surprise for some Overwatch players. According to GameRant, when Blizzard recently rolled out its brand new patch to Overwatch PTR, some players have already noticed some intriguing signs that pointed to Doomfist, a rumored upcoming character.

Dataminers have just discovered two intriguing files in the Overwatch PTR that hint towards the character release. The first clue found on an unfinished model of a destroyed Numbani payload, which revealed something about the Doomfist Gauntlet that hiding inside. For some, this might be Blizzard's own way of introducing a new character to Overwatch.

The second clue is in the form of a new kind of menu music that has been taken from the Overwatch reveal, just in time when the Reaper and Widowmaker are stealing the Gauntlet in the cinematic.

Additionally, Users also made another discovery about a new clue, a slightly change in the Hero Gallery user interface. According to Youtube gamer Arrekz, Blizzard made a deliberate change that shifts heroes over, just like what it plans to fill the empty space with another hero card.

Lucio Is Coming To Heroes Of The Storm

In other Overwatch-related stories, Blizzard's popular online battle arena, "Heroes of the Storm," Blizzard is gaining yet another character to its roster and this time its Lucio from Overwatch.

According to TSS Gaming, the popular Blizzard online game has already featured a few number of different characters from Blizzard other games, which include "Diablo," "Warcraft," and now the latest Overwatch.

In the official "Heroes of the Storm" Twitter account, the company shared a message with attached video, saying that the game's next hero is coming to the Public Test Realm soon.

Overwatch is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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