Moto Z Play Boasts Impressive Software Enhancements After Receiving Android 7.0 Nougat Update Via OTA


Lenovo's Moto Z Play has offered impressive features after recently receiving Android 7.0 Nougat update. The software enhancements improve big time mobile experiences with new multitasking features, efficient notification controls, improved data saver, and battery features just to name a few.

Moto Z Play release notes  detailed that users may now have a multi-window view. With this feature, it can now run two apps side by side in the screen. Users can reply to text messages while watching a video or browse the internet during a video call.

The new work mode toggle also allows users to conveniently turn on and off the device's work apps and related notifications for a better work-life balance. It is worth noting that the update is via OTA and came a month early as it is expected to arrive on March, Phone Arena reported.

The update size is 1121.1 MB. Motorola advises phone owners that for a successful installation, phones should be connected to a Wi-Fi network and that battery should be at least 50% charged. Other feature the phone boasts is its Data saver.

This feature helps reduce cellular data usage. When it is turned on, apps running in the background won't be able to access cellular data. Users can also choose which apps have unrestricted cellular data access at the same time can adjust data access for individual apps.

Just-in-time compiler is another feature that improves runtime device performance and helps reduce the amount of storage space required for apps, and helps make app and system updates much faster. Android Nougat also comes with an improved Doze mode. The device goes into lower power usage when the user is not using it. Even when the user is on the move, its screen will automatically turn off.

With the update, users are also in for an upgraded Settings, new and updated emojis, emergency information, and more. Accessibility is also tailored for varied users specifically its Variable text to speech feature that allows setting a wider range for speech rate and pitch.

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