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Melania Trump Cashing In From Haters; Uses White House to Promote Her Brand


First lady Melania Trump said in a defamation lawsuit she filed against Mail Media Monday that the articles they published in The Daily Mail caused her brand to lose significant value. Meanwhile, an attorney involved in legal actions against President Donald Trump says Melania could be using her position to promote her brand and profit from it.

Before she filed a suit against Mail Media, she filed a defamation lawsuit against The Daily Mail for publishing articles against her last summer. The articles basically alleged her as a high end escort who uses her modelling career as a cover up for being a sex worker, USA Today reported. Now, she is suing Mail Media, The Daily Mail's owner, for a total sum of $150 million.

Melania to use white house office to make millions

It is stated in the lawsuit that Melania Trump has a "once-in-a-lifetime" chance to expand her brand as a very famous person and gain multi-million dollar business partners. It may not be directly stated that she plans to make a lot of money out of being the first lady, but according to reports, it's easy to decipher what the statement truly means. It is clear that the opportunity it is referring to as a well known person is her being the first lady of the country.

Lawyer Speaks out that White House Office Can Promote Melania's Brand

Former George Bush advisor on ethics, Richard Painter, who is involved in a legal action against Donald Trump, said that Melania's statements in the lawsuit are violations to the rule on using her position and the power it brings for private gain, Chicago Tribune reported. Painter said that Melania's statement where she said she plans to make a lot of money out of this case is something very serious. The lawyer even suggested that the Congress or the White House should investigate this breach of rules.

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