‘Final Fantasy XV’ Update: Game Amasses New Franchise Record; Thrilling Episodes Coming In Spring, New Booster Pack & More

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"Final Fantasy XV" has left nothing to prove to its counterparts as it remained and still is a sought-after open world action role-playing video games today. It may have its glitches but noting recent reports of Square-Enix's shipping 5 million copies on its first day, surely has set a new franchise record for the game.

It is worth noting that "Final Fantasy XV" has taken more than a decade to come out and when it was finally launched in November 29, last year, it outstandingly recoup its development costs pronto, Game Spot reported. The company has not revealed yet how many copies of the game have actually been sold to consumers.

A close to perfect review from the source revealed an 8/10 score for "Final Fantasy XV", claiming a fascinating game with a beautiful world and exciting challenges. Turning 30 years old this year, "Final Fantasy XV" is the core entry in the numbered series that has unceasingly left fans in awe with its story-driven experience featuring real-time combat in a vast open world, Windows Central reported.

Reports also added that Square-Enix will finally be bringing the game into PC's soon to possibly give chances to a more varied fans worldwide. PS4 and Xbox One players have already been taking and enjoying the recent franchise that according to Square-Enix shipment has already risen to 6 million copies.

Square-Enix's official twitter global account recently teased fans that more thrilling content is coming to "Final Fantasy XV" starting this spring. The first piece of character-focused DLC, dubbed as Episode Gladiolus, will be released on March 28, while a Booster Pack is on its way next week, Feb. 21, IGN reported.

Sources reported that "Final Fantasy XV" players will be able to outfit their heroes in Power Rangers-style Magitek Exosuits as part of the upcoming free Booster Pack and a paid Booster Pack Plus. The free version is available to all who own FFXV, while the plus option is exclusive to those with a Season Pass.

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