Best Super Bowl LI Commercials Ranked From Best To Greatest; Find Out What Made The Cut


Tom Brady's epic win wasn't the only biggest event in the Super Bowl. Some fans were entertained during the halftime show by Lady Gaga while some were entertained by the Super Bowl LI commercials. So which Super Bowl commercials went in to the books as the very best and which were ranked the greatest?

Best to Greatest Super Bowl LI Commercials

Much hype builds up to the commercials as much as it does for the games. Here is our ranking of the best and greatest Super Bowl LI commercials.

  1. Budweiser. The beer company's cinematic slice of its product's history garnered over 26 million YouTube views. With the tagline "When nothing stops your dream, this is the beer we drink," Budweiser's "Born The Hard Way" successfully drove a message home all the while promoting the most drank beer in America.
  2. Audi. This ultra-feminine ad was emotional, which is why it's the best. The car company taglined it as "Progress is for everyone", it easily captivated the hearts of the viewers and left a long lasting impression. The ad garnered over 10 million YouTube views and counting.
  3. Google Home. The ad entitled "Coming Home" features people coming home into a place empowered by Google Home. The ad begins with someone whistling John Denver's "Take Me Home" and viewers are then set to a feeling which all gets when coming home. The TV ad impression of this video is at 58 million, which only means that viewers liked it a lot.
  4. Coca-Cola. Nothing commemorates togetherness more beautifully than this ad, which is very timely what with Trump's immigration ban. Coca-Cola released the ad to celebrate humanity, inclusion, and optimism - the very values that bring everyone closer together. Its TV ad impression is at 52 million, iSpot TV reported.

Super Bowl Commercials By The Numbers

Companies big and small spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads. The reason for that was covered in great extent back in 2012 when Forbes wrote a report about the power of Super Bowl commercials. It's been stated that no other event of a year can obtain viewership as much as a Super Bowl event.

This year, the viewership reached to 111.3 million. That's a staggering number that ranked the show on the top five most watched Super Bowls of all time. Nielsen reported that 70.3 percent of American household tuned in for the game and it has a total audience of 172 million, USA Today reported.

With those numbers, it's very easy to understand why companies clamor to get a spot on the Super Bowl. What's more is the commercials are part of the Super Bowl trifecta. People watch the event for the game, the halftime show, and the commercials. Everyone who watches the Super bowl expects the commercials to be humorous and unique that's why companies spend an average of $5 million to hook viewers and spend on their products in return, Fortune reported.

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