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Tom Brady's Celebration: A Bucket Of Tears And A Ton Of Love; Why Time Is Irrelevant With The Super Bowl LI MVP


Tom Brady will easily go down as the greatest quarterback in the history and anyone who dares to say otherwise is a fool. Not only that, they will be met with a ton full of negative feedback from fans who are growing by the number ever since he drove Patriots and himself to a historic overtime victory at the 2017 Super Bowl.

Tom Brady made his Hall of Fame moment with too much at stake and that's what made him the greatest. The 34-28 victory against the Falcons is one of the greatest moments in the entire history of sports.

Why Tom Brady Could Go Down As The Greatest Quarter Back In The History Of NFL

Tom Brady was facing all odds and invested so much emotion for NFL's biggest event of the year. He's a 39 year old quarterback with a very sick mom on the tow. His performance not only made him soar past other NFL champions like Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, sports critics have even made a comparison of his push with Michael Jordan, Chicago Tribune reported.

With determination and unaltered passion for the game, Tom Brady entered his own stratosphere greater than Bart Starr, who also won five championships, but never performed quiet as well as Brady did during the Super Bowl LI. It was greatness personified.

Some analysts have even commented that his age didn't count as a factor and that he was as dangerous as when he was 26 years old and won his second Super Bowl. Time didn't take a toll on him. In fact, Time is irrelevant to an unstoppable force that is Tom Brady.

No 39 eyar old could drive a team and push it on overtime as easily as he did when he was still 26 year old. His consistency and dominance on the field for twenty years is simply remarkable.

How The MVP Celebrated

Tom Brady also won this year's Super Bowl MVP. And his loved ones have been on his side during one of his most defining and triumphant moments. His sick mother Galynn Brady was there along with his wife Gisele Bundchen and their three kids, John, Vivian, and Benjamin, E! Online reported. It's easy to say that the New England Patriots QB MVP celebrated with his extended family.

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