Apple Google Unite vs Trump Immigration Ban; How This Can Change America's History


Apple, Google unite and 100 more tech companies against US President Trump and his immigration ban. The tech giants finally agree to one thing: that Trump's immigration ban is inhumane and they have supported a court filing to oppose it. How will this change US history?

More Tech Companies Unite

In a 53-page amicus, Apple, Google unite and other tech companies have stated that the immigration ban would put America's economy at risk. Moreover it points out that America is a nation of immigrants and if the ban continues, American workers would suffer as well, Android Authority reported. Trump's immigration ban was implemented a week ago and tech companies have spoken out in their support to bar it.

According to the amicus, the ban makes it impossible for tech companies to hire some of the world's best talents that's because skilled immigrants wouldn't want to be working in a country where they can be cut off from their loved ones. The result of the immigrant ban would make talented immigrants not want to go working in the US at all. Not only is the immigration ban illegal, because it violates the Constitution which prohibits national origin discrimination, it is also inhumane.

Outcries of the immigration ban filled headlines since last week. Stories of families torn apart made people from the rest of the world asking what has America come into. That's why the giant tech companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, and more have taken matters into their own hands and have resorted to the power of the courts to decide upon the matter.

How This Will Go Down On US History

US President Donald Trump issued an executive order last week that bans nationals from seven Muslim countries such as Yemen, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Iraq, and Iran to ever enter American soil. The amicus reminds the president that America is the land of opportunities that welcome foreigners to build new lives in the US, The Next Web reported.

The tech companies further impressed that as business leaders and entrepreneurs, their businesses grow as immigrants contribute in the work force. But the immigration ban does not only affect the economic sector of the greatest nation in the world. It also fundamentally changes American history.

While the new US president sees this move as an attempt to keep Americans safe from extremism and terrorism, many of his critics, with growing numbers every day, think this move is just wrong. That's because it alienates more Muslims and could foster radicalism like never before, CNN reported.

America is entering dark days ahead. Whether it be brought by Trump's hands or to those whom he casted aside remains to be seen.

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